Jan 18, 2020—Event Day Instructions & Procedures


Dear Awesome Volunteers,

THANK YOU for volunteering to be part of our event crew. This Saturday, we will be producing the 3rd annual Park City Qualifier at Park City High! We will be hosting 24 FTC teams and their entourages from all over Utah. We would not be able to pull this off without you. We are truly grateful for your time commitment.

Setup begins Friday after school. As soon as the gyms are vacant, around 4-5pm, we will begin loading and setting up the Pit Area and Competition Area. Ellen Su is Head of Set Up and will know where things go. Most of the setup instructions are located in this Volunteer section of the event website and can be assumed from the floorplan diagrams.

Early Robot and Field Inspection will begin at 6pm and end promptly at 8pm. In order to compete, all teams must have Team Rosters and online waivers signed in addition to having a robot that passes inspection. Robot Inspection and Field Inspection will be done on wireless tablets this time. Yes, we are going for less paper and more efficiency! Lenn Riddle is the Lead on both inspections.

Volunteer Packets will be given out on Saturday Morning at Volunteer Check-In. All volunteers will be provided a blue t-shirt and name tag to wear during the event. If you are concerned about being cold, please wear your blue volunteer shirt over a base layer or warm long sleeve. The Volunteer Lounge, located in the PCHS faculty lounge, will be set up with complimentary breakfast, lunch, refreshments, snacks and drinks throughout the day for refueling. Tara Stocker is the Volunteer Lounge Lead.

Below is a complete list of Volunteer Assignments and start times for Saturday. If you have been confirmed as a volunteer and do not see your name on the list below, please contact me or Kim Drury so that we can get that fixed.

Judges, please review the Awards List & Descriptions and the judging process. Thank you for your time and willingness to be part of this important process in selecting recipients of these coveted awards. The decisions made by the judges collectively also determine which teams qualify to move on to the Utah State Championship on February 22 at Weber State.

Lastly, about Friday setup and Saturday teardown... We still need volunteers to help setup Friday night! Please email Kim Drury snowangelkim@gmail.com if you can help us.



  • Setup begins 5pm or as soon as Gym 1 and Gym 2 are available

  • Load in concessions to the PCHS Kitchen

  • Prior to arrival, please make sure you registered via the online Volunteer Registration System, were assigned to a role or roles and went through the training if required

  • If you are interested in being a judge, please contact Laura Monty, the Judge Advisor llm.travel.lm@gmail.com

  • If you have any questions, so not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator Kim Drury snowangelkim@gmail.com 435-640-6025

  • Field Setup Instructions on the Gym 1: Comp Setup page

  • Pit Setup Instructions on the Gym 2: Pit Setup page


  • Check-in as early as 7am. Below is the list of Volunteer Role Assignments and start time. Please check-in BEFORE (10 minutes earlier) your start time.

  • Upon arrival, come in through the Main Entrance and check-in at at the Volunteer Check-In table (should be obvious and visible at the entrance) and receive your Volunteer Pack containing a name badge, t-shirt, schedule, map, instructions, etc. *Please make sure you provided a T-shirt size when you registered as a Volunteer so we get you a t-shirt that fits!

  • You will be directed to the Volunteer Lounge to store your personal belongings and grab breakfast, snacks, beverages

  • Please wear your Volunteer T-shirt and Name Badge during your entire shift unless otherwise instructed

  • Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, coffee and drinks will be setup in the Volunteer Lounge for all volunteers wearing the Volunteer T-shirt and Name Badge

  • In case you are reading this and haven't registered to volunteer yet... click here to join our AWESOME VOLUNTEER CREW at the PC Qualifier on January 18TH!

VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS for Saturday, January 18, 2020


Judging Queuers Lead - Laura Monty

  • J.Q. - Tara T. @8am-10:30am

  • J.Q. - Lindsay M. @8am-10:30am

  • J.Q. - Sandee R. @8am-10:30am

Judge Advisor - Laura Monty @7am

  • Judge - Rachel P. @7am

  • Judge - Ben D. @7am

  • Judge - Bradley N. @7am

  • Judge - Richard M. @7am

  • Judge - Sammie F. @7am

  • Judge - Doug B. @7am

  • Judge - Christopher M. @7am

  • Judge - Bob S. @7am

  • Judge - Eric B. @7am

  • Judge - Michael R. @7am

  • Judge - Marcus P. @7

Judge Links

Judge Match Observers @10:30am

  • J.M.O. - Florent A. @10:30am

  • J.M.O. - Nicole M. @10:30am

Dean's List Interviewer - Mary Hall

Dean's List Interviewer and Reviewer Guide


Lead Robot & Field Inspector - Lenn Riddle @7:30am

  • R&F Inspector - Alex B. @7:30am

  • R&F Inspector - Matt P. @7:30am

  • Robot Inspector - Joe M. @7:30am

  • Robot Inspector - Josh F. @7:30am

  • Robot Inspector - Ben B. @7:30am

  • Field Inspector - Blake M. @7:30am

  • Field Inspector - Caden S. @7:30am

  • Field Inspector - Aiden E. @7:30am

Inspector Links


Head Referee - Matt Gabrielson @9:30am

  • Referee - David D. @9:30am

  • Referee - Nicolas M. @9:30am

  • Referee - Andre C. Jr. @9:30am

  • Referee - Nick T. @9:30am

  • Referee - Blake M. @9:30am

  • Referee - Shawn N. @9:30am

  • Referee - Trachelle F. @9:30am

  • Referee - Alex B. @9:30am

Referee Links


Lead Match Queuer Field #1 - Josh F. @10:30am

  • Queuer - Rachel S. @10:30am

  • Queuer - Tara T. @10:30am

Lead Match Queuer Field #2 - Jo G. @10:30am

  • Queuer - Jack G. @10:30am

  • Queuer - Sami S. @10:30am

Queuer Links


Field Reset @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Alex A. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Evan A. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Matthew F. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - MadeeAnn R. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Levi H. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Chasen N. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Ryan S. @10:30am

  • Field Resetter - Nathan D. @10:30am

Field Reset Links


Field Manager - Dan Hutton @7am

Field Manager & AV - Andrew S. @ 7am

  • F.M. Assistant - Matt Prucka @7am

Field Manager Links


Field Technical Advisor - Sheri Prucka @7am

  • FTA Assistant - Nathan Rackliffe

FTA Links


Lead Scorekeeper

  • Kerby Stoudt. Fri @5pm, Sat @9am

Scorekeeper Links

Event Director - Lisa Pilzer @6:30am

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Kim D.

  • V.C. Assistant - Laura M.

Head of Setup - Ellen S. @7am

  • Setup Crew - Dana Dellinger @7am

  • Setup Crew - Nicole M.

  • Judge Setup - Laura Monty @7am

Volunteer Lounge Lead - Tara S. @7am

  • V. Lounge Assistant - Susan M

  • Food Pickup - Linda & Andre G.

Pit Admin Manager - Jennifer T. @8am

  • Pit Manager Assistant - Anne A. @7am

  • Pit Runner - Lindsay M. @8:30am

  • Pit Runner - James M. @8:30am

  • Pit Runner - Sandee R. @8:30am

  • Pit Runner - Cheyenne H. @8:30am

  • Pit Runner - Quin P. @8:30am

  • Pit Runner - Dorian P. @8:30am

  • Floater - Lylyan B. @8:30am

  • Floater - Naomi B. @8:30pm

  • Floater - Ronda B. @8:30am

Volunteer Check-In - Anne A. @7am

Team Check-In - Blake D. @7am

Head of Concessions - Christy K. @8am

  • Kitchen Crew - Dulce L. @10am

  • Concessions Crew - Sarah S. @11am-3pm

  • Concessions Crew - Paige D. @11am

Photographer Lead - Lisa M. @7:30am

  • 2nd Photographer - Anna S. @8am

  • Video - Amberle F. @10am

  • Livestream - Aiden E. @10am

Emcee - Spencer M. @9:30am

  • Game Announcer - Valentin A. @9am

  • DJ - Robot Dream @9am

  • National Anthem - Chloe Johnson @10am

Program Links